About Lifelike

Caution: This page might make you realise that there is someone out there concerned for your health and wellbeing even if you are not!

The Purpose

Lifelike Nutrition is created with the sole purpose of bridging the nutritional gap for people suffering from chronic and recurring health issues acquired due to various detrimental eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle routines.

We Care For You

We believe good physical health is important for overall happiness and wellbeing, and we help you maintain optimal health with supplements that fill in the nutritional gaps, by providing nutrients that are essential for physical recovery, immunity, energy, endurance and mental performance.

360º Nutrition In A Packet

We strive to specifically formulate our supplements to assist you in your efforts towards gaining optimum health and cater to 360º nutritional requirements of your body.

We Manufacture Ourselves

At Lifelike Nutrition our focus has always been on safety and relying on proof of product effectiveness. The products we offer are the same ones we make and consume ourselves and recommend to our friends and family. We want you to benefit from the most effective, scientifically proven formulas, just like we do. That is why we keep it simple with the most effective combination of ingredients and help you in moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

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